Is it healhy to eat elephant's blood?!

Question: Is it healhy to eat elephant's blood?
I went to India recently on my holiday and drank some Elephant's blood at the buffet it tasted alright but not brilliant, is it healthy?


No, I dont believe it is anyway. It could have parisites or if the elephant had a desise you could contract it from the elephants blood. Ew, no offense

Hmm im indian and never heard of such a disgusting food or whatever but probably not healthy bz it is not clean stick to foods that are normal i am not trying to say you r crazy for trying elephant blood but for your best health stay away:)

my mind

yes its full of healthy **** i can give you a great recipe you can youse which includess lions testicals sheep liver dog susages(hard to find outside of korea) and cat liver.
its lovly

had it for diner yum yum

>How disgusting is that? Ge-Rose!

Sure, sounds yummy.

Are you a vampire?

no u dumb fag! u killed an elephant. seriously elephants blood! dont eat it, I am a hindu

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