Why am i a fussy eater?!

Question: Why am i a fussy eater?
I'm 13 and i am so fussy i get gross out eating off a plate and i get gross out about reheated food and don't eat it and im fussy eating bread and frozen pizza and frozen chicken nuggets and i cant eat breakfast because i feel sick and fussy so i don't eat


Find foods you like and eat them. Try a few teaspoons of ricotta cheese for breakfast, nice and creamy or oatmeal with maple syrup. There are many fussy eaters, but the things you don't like are not exactly healthy anyway. Try new fresh foods, like roasted chicken or chicken cutlets. fresh veggies and baked potatoes, white or sweet.

Then I guess you'll starve. You sound like an ignorant spoiled brat to me. When I was your age, if I didn't like what was served to me, my mother told me to fix my own dinner or don't eat. I was never picky like that about my food. And I ate good food, vegetables ,meats and fruits

You're picky cause you don't like food, you like addiction.

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