Should I let my girlfriend eat hamburgers and french fries? (objective advice please!)?!

Question: Should I let my girlfriend eat hamburgers and french fries? (objective advice please!)?
Okay here is the and my girl were at McDonalds. She asked me what I was getting and I told her I was going to get a quarter pounder with cheese and some fries. She said ooh that sounds good, i want to get that too. Then I told her no because it was too fattening for her and she needed to keep her trim figure. Then she was like but you are getting it, why can't I?. Then I said because I am a guy and it is okay if we gain weight but if a girl gains weight it isn't attractive. Plus guys have higher metabolisms than girls do. I told her she was my little barbie girl and I wanted her to stay that way. Most of the time she understands my logic but she was on PMS and started pouting about it. Kudos to me for still paying for lunch. I ordered her a salad. Then while we were eating I told her that she could have a burger and fries for her birthday but she said she wanted Olive Garden! Women!! Anyways her friend found out and said I was a jerk. Am I wrong here?


You are a donkey and so is she if she puts up with that crap.

Yes you are wrong here.
You can't control your girlfriend like that.
Not to mention one quarterpounder and fries will not kill her..

Your post was nearly everything wrong that you can do...feel lucky that she hasn't dumped you and don't be a dick.

**** this we are all getting trolled, same question was asked by someone else.

I love it. Geesh. Men who are CONTROL FREAKS always rationalize their insecurity by stating that they're trying to "help" their "little barbie girls"....

Barbie, RUN! RUN as fast as you can! Imagine if you marry this weirdo and aren't able to even go to the grocery store without his "help"....


let her eat whatever the **** she want, if u want her to keep eating ur pein then let her have some mc ds u ******* duche bag like are the worst boyf ever? u should be happy shes comfortable enough to eat fat **** infront of u so let her do what she wants stop being a controlling crazy phsyco munipulative *****. if you were my boyfriend id take a **** on ur ******* face
kiddding ur hot

You are very wrong....Let her eat what she wants. Why should she sit there and eat a salad while you chow down on a burger and fries???. If she's a small girl already, I don't think her eating a burger and fries will make her gain weight. Nothing wrong with indulging once in awhile

You cant control what she eats. Eating one burger with fries every now and again wont make her fat. I'm going to have to agree with her friends. It's 2011...not 1911.

I kind of hope this is a joke.

So much for trying to recreate the 1950s. Had this been real - then yes you were wrong and yes you were being a hero. But I give props for anyone making up questions in an attempt to be funny.

Wow.... I can't believe you even have a girlfriend.
I can't believe your even human you think a girl finds it attractive when her man eats mcdonalds always and gets fat?

You're ignorant, because the salads at McDonalds have more calories than burger and chips.

It was better to let her eat hamburgers and fries.

You are a jerk. She ought to dump you and find some guy who will love her no matter what she looks like.

No, you are correct. You are a jerk.

what is good for the goose is good for the gander!!
and yes you are a jerk men!!

This is a matter of ones own opinion here. However I agree with you, not because I am a guy, but because the fat content in their yeast burgers are not for a lady, Olive garden is.
Have a good day
These ladies answers are not dietary and they must have a fat content of 250 lbs.
You want reality or fantasy ? You want honesty or deception and insults. I have reported the ones whom insulted you and you should too.
This is not a matter of control but common sense which these imbeciles are and ones with high fat content in their diets and will one day wind up with "cancer" as a result of their dietary choices, these are egotistical morons, chose who has best answer but I'm ouuta here.
If she is indeed a "lady" she would self choose the salad even though you chose your's.
One here states " whats good for the goose is good for the gander", ok I'm jumping off a bridge, who's coming, now no one is following right ?
Hey Nathan, pick my answer to spite these women. we will have one big laugh lmao
This indicates how women just love to be COPYCATS, you eat dog bisquits, see if she'll eat those too.

Dietician / only date highly intelligent women who have a strict diet.

Wow! Seriously? Are you some kind of dick? This actually sounds like a joke. You cant be serious. What a double standard. A fat guy is just as unattrartive as a fat girl. Ask a girl, dick face. You're such a douche, I'll bet you're a fat ****** piece of whale ****. ****** *** muncher yo. Eat a ****** pile of ****, you woman-hating asshole. There we go I feel so much better now, but on second thought that still doesnt help your gf so I'm still pissed.

Me and common sense.

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