Can anyone tell me how to lose fat n gain muscle?!

Question: Can anyone tell me how to lose fat n gain muscle?


I understand the problem you’ve been going through when trying to lose weight and flatten your stomach. My friend was in the same situation as you, nothing seemed to work for him until he came across the truth about six-pack abs. He’s had great success with it, and maybe this is something which could be right for you. Good luck !

Both losing weight and gaining muscle is 70% diet, 30% exercise.. No matter what you do at the gym, results will take A-LOT longer, without the correct diet. You also need to find a good workout plan, for what you want to achieve. Eating some variety of protein 20 minutes after the gym is good. That's why protein shakes are also good. Make sure you always warm up, warming down is just as important!

exercise, eat healthy, protein like steak but not a lot of carbs. Like u can have a burger without cheese....or maybe some, and without a bun n maybe a dab of ketchup. Exercise is important though, cuz without it u'll just lose fat and not gain muscle.

sweat out the fat and toxins. Do cardiovascular activities such as jogging/biking and you're sure to burn a lot of fat.

Exercise burns fat and builds muscle.

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