What interesting/fun/non-trashy-plastic/non-c… items to put in a pinata?!

Question: What interesting/fun/non-trashy-pla… items to put in a pinata?

All good suggestions here, as for sources also go to some of the local teacher supply stores to find higher quality geegaws and such for inclusion in the booty.

Places like:

School Daze Inc
www.schooldazecatalog.com - 3630 South Cedar St # M, Tacoma - (253) 472-2542

www.kidsdesk.net - 12932 Kent Kangley Road, Kent - (425) 296-2565

Lakeshore Learning Store
www.lakeshorelearning.com - 11027 Northeast 4th Street, Bellevue - (425) 462-8076

Children's Bookshop
www.childrens-bookshop.com - 707 River Road, Puyallup - (253) 445-4790

Learning Sprout
www.learningsprout.com - 809 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma - (253) 274-0136

Homeschool Potpourri
www.hspbooks.com - 12815 NE 124th ST Ste. F, Kirkland - (425) 820-4626

Learning Tree
www.thelearningtreewa.com - 3381 Northwest Bucklin Hill Road, Silverdale - (360) 692-5411

DONT put fruit like berries in it. lol my aunt was an idiot and put blackberries and raspberries and cherries and grapes i think in it...... EPIC FAIL

Put some penis straws, penis suckers and flavored condoms!!

Mexican candy


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