Do you not like how a choosen few vitamins are added to just about every food?!

Question: Do you not like how a choosen few vitamins are added to just about every food?
I should say processed or packaged more precisely. I can't avoid them all together, just me. But then you're always getting huge doses of b vitamins, a, zinc and c. Most you can just pee out. I just like to have more control over the portions I get by taking my vitamins seperately.


I don't understand where you are getting these "huge doses" from unless you are drinking red bulls. If you were more specific about foods which have a large abundance of these vitamins I could understand better. I am constantly looking at what is in my food, and for the most part as an avid vitamin taker, I appreciate getting an extra boost from my foods to supplement. Why be worried? Fortified foods are more than likely to help rather than hurt.

What I wonder is why foods choose to add vitamins to begin with, as in they may be lacking if not compensating for some bullcrap additive or trash formulation.

Whatever the case, as far as vitamins being added to food, I do not have a problem with it. I may have a problem if I were on a specific diet which inhibited me from incorporating certain vitamins which may be adverse to my health. The best control is in eating more naturally sourced food I suppose.

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