Mc Donalds Are Poisoin?!

Question: Mc Donalds Are Poisoin?
Ok so this video I watched right they do experiments right for 10weeks anyways they get all the mcdonalds burgers an they keep it in a jar right for 10 weeks they also got some local burgers an stuff an basically every burger was going mouldy the mc donald & the local ones but the chips the mcdonald chips after 10 weeks still looked fresh as hell so what do they put in the chips btw heres the video


Salt, salt, and more salt...has been used as a preservative for centuries. There's probably also some man-made preservatives as well. YUM!

? ? ? - - that is a farce
remember the individual chooses a goal (proof) and set the conditions to achieve it
YOU do the 10 week test
SO WAIT - - you say "chips" - - a flat bread (flour salt and water) fried - deep fried - roasted - etc -
preserved by simple nature

"Poison" you mean poison ? ? ? NO - no way

I like their french fries:…

But they proably aren't too good for you...

they rub the chips on the floor to preserve the freshness.

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