Whats better? Chocolate or pizza?!

Question: Whats better? Chocolate or pizza?
Which is better for comfort food?


both of course! with dr pepper.

Pizza will fill you up. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. If you want to eat as much comfort food as you can, you'll be able to eat more chocolate. However health-wise you'll be better off eating a pile of pizza than eating a pile of chocolate.

Comfort food, defiantly chocolate! Nothing beats you sitting in your dressing gown and slippers next to the fire watching a movie with the lights down and a humongous bar of chocolate on your lap!
Hope this helped xxx


but i have to go with pizza. the yummy dough, the cheesy cheesiness, the topppings. the fat, carbs, calories!! haha.. can go wrong with that for soem comfort!...

Hmm.. I'd have to say chocolate! There are so many comfort foods that are made out of it.. brownies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate bars, candy, cake, pudding...

Pizza but if it's up against a good chocolate (cake), then i'll take the cake any day. But if it's just chocolate then the pizza for sure.

Pizza :D greasy, fatty, tasty :D

Chocolate. Rich dark chocolate with caramel and nuts.


definitely I'll prefer pizza I really too much like it.




Pizza! I love pizza!!

If U ask me O Gosh I'd go for both.....

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