What fruit is this..odd shape for a fruit?!

Question: What fruit is this..odd shape for a fruit?
Today during desert i had a piece of fruit that was very sweet.

It was orange...shaped like a very large olive....and was hollowed in the middle (like a pitted olive)....and had the pithiness of a canned peach.

Any ideas? A picture of your suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


It could have been a ground cherry, sometimes called gooseberries. They are quite sweet (kind of like a pineapple type of flavour) and are used quite often to garnish desserts. You can see them here http://epicurean-essentials.com/2008/09/ground-cherry-sauce/

I work in restaurants that use these as garnish

How large? Cumquats are orange, and have the shape of olives but they aren't too much bigger if any bigger.

'could be manderin or satsuma

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