What kind of foods are good to eat on a sick stomach?!

Question: What kind of foods are good to eat on a sick stomach?
I have been vomiting last night, and now I feel very hungry. Are chips (like Doritos) okay to eat? How about fruit? I was thinking about cateloupe or some time of melon. Thanks!


no, neither of those are good. You should start off with some saltine crackers or some white toast with a little honey. Drink some sprite or 7up... and slowly move up to a clear broth soup like chicken noodle. Tomorrow, you can work the chips and fruit back in but not today.

On a sick stomach, do not eat anything spicy (like Doritos), acidic (like most fruits, including melons), or sugary. You should also avoid dairy products (milk, butter, cheese, etc.), since the natural bacterias can further upset your stomach. You want to only eat dry, bland foods (like plain soda crackers or dry toast). Plain, clear chicken or vegetable broth is also good, as are clear diet sodas (especially 7UP or ginger ale) and sugar free sports drinks, like Gatorade (if you're throwing up, you want to take in some electrolytes you're losing).

Crackers and toast are the best. Doritos may upset your stomach because they are fried, and have spices on them. And fruit may be a little hard to digest, but a small amount shouldn't hurt.

Rice or potatoes are very good and do not drink anything with fizz. Coke syrup is also good mixed with water.Hope you feel better.

veggies and crakers and milk and water

If you are going to do a chip I'd do a plain chip like plain pringles. Crackers are probably your best bet.

dry toast
soda crackers


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