Whats your favorite food?!

Question: Whats your favorite food?
Mines is Hot wings or Hot in sour soup. ;]] whats yours?


Omg yum hot wings i had some today.
I love Chinese food!!


Creamy white wine saffron garlic with prawns or chicken. Penne Arrabbiata with extra mozzarella and garlic.

Iceberg, pea shoots, Lambs lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, sweet corn, asparagus, baby corn, raw garlic, crispy bacon, avocado, goats cheese , Cognac vinaigrette.

Fillet steak, green peppercorn sauce, thin chips and green beans. Chicken and Jasmine or Basmati rice, cashew nuts, sweet peas, teriyaki sauce.


Any cheese in any shape and form. With a glass of nice wine.

I have to many!

But right now it's -
Chinese (duck pancake rolls/sweet & spir chicken)
Cheese melts/home made mini pizzas
Chicken soup
Egg fried rice
And stew!!

Mine has to be chicken , for many reasons because it never gets boring you can make so many things with chicken e.g fry , roast, boil, put it in stews/curry's.

every food there is! but lately its been cream tomato basil soup sprinkled with cheese and pepper :)

jalebi , samosa,


Indian food or pizza.

Spagghetti, Mac and cheese or burger and fries


Or chinese food is good too!

My favorite food is thai food, its delicious.

grilled sanwiches

Clam Chowder from BJ's sooooooooo goooooooood!!!!!!

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Bread with a raw whole peanut.

Baked Trout.






maybe ginger tea


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