Hello, how can i plan on easiest way to lose weight?!

Question: Hello, how can i plan on easiest way to lose weight?
Can anyone give me any websites to get info on fast weight loss?


I stuck relegiously to it for 3 months and lose 7 pound. I have quite a lot to lose so i thought i would lose more.The main problem was i ended up with too much uric acid in the blood and now my joints are painful but im going to try fast tract hypnosis. Keeping my fingers crossed.My friend also tried it and only lost 3 pound in a month.
edit this is something i read
I should know. I'm an idiot.

I bought the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program a few years ago (Actually, I think it was called "Weight Loss 4 Idiots" then). I was tempted by their claim that I could "lose 9 pounds in 11 days" by "eating foods that I choose". I was excited to fork over my money and begin my journey to weight loss success.

What happened? Well, when I tried to select my foods, I was presented with a list of food choices, many of which I didn't like. Despite what they'll tell you in the advertisements, this is a high protein low carb diet. And I'm a vegetarian. There were many "fake meat" products to choose from, but I don't like those either.

Still, I thought that I might be able to substitute foods that I did like and somehow apply the principle of the diet. I didn't like what I saw. Other review sites will tell you that you get to eat "4 square meals a day" on the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program. But this isn't entirely true. You do get to eat four meals a day. However, the "meals" consist of one food only. How much of any one food can a person eat? Not much.

What about all the additional information that comes with the program? There was not a single piece of information on that site which I hadn't already heard from a free source.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots only works because it is a very low calorie, low carb diet. However, it's just that. A diet. It doesn't teach you how to properly eat so that you don't gain weight when you go off the diet. It's likely that this is just a temporary solution.
The weight will come back.

The reality is that losing weight permanently isn't easy and it doesn't happen overnight. I know that's not a popular sentiment, but it's the truth. You are much better off making healthy changes over time that become a permanent part of your life.

Shannon Tani is a former fattie, who weighed over 220lbs. She has currently lost over 70lbs. One day she realized that people would rather hear dieting advice from someone who's "been there, done that" than a boring old doctor who's never been fat a day in his life. So she started the website Better Off Fat to share her experiences and ideas.


Register at spark people it is a very helpful and useful site. You can log all your meals here and keep track of your weight loss along with lots of help and support from the community.
Don't listen to the person above me it has NOTHING to do with will power. Lots of people have will power and have eating disorders as well.

My boyfriend and I both started using this website to teach us to eat healthier. It's called caloriecount.com
Basically, you give it all your "stats", and it comes up with the number of calories you should eat each day in order to reach your goal weight in a healthy time frame. I like using it because it does SO much more than count calories! You enter in all the foods that you've eaten throughout the day, and it gives you the nutritional breakdown of what you've eaten. You can see what percentage of your diet is carbs, protein, fat, etc, and it also alerts you when your diet is low in calcium, vitamins, etc, or if you are eating too much of a nutritent, like sodium. My favorite part is when you get graded on your food! I'll enter in all my meals, and look at if I ate a C- diet today, or if I got an A+! It's always inspiration for eating better the next day.
You can also keep track of excercise or other activity you do. Even walking around the mall! It adds it up and tells you how many calories your body used that day, and you can compare it to how many calories you've actually eaten. Super cool and useful.

you dont need a website. all you need is will power and faith. start counting calories and drink plenty of water. then after that do exercises that work on your problem areas. more walking...five small meals a day. fruit and veggies snacks for at least 1 month. then weigh yourself and see the difference. it that dont work, then you need to move away from tht table and put tht fork down!!!

hello Baillie, is this how you spell your name? i think so.. maybe. so anyway, onto the question. By eating lots and lots of chocolate, beans and cheese combined you should definitely lose a couple pounds a day. Hope this helps. Keep me posted!

the fondue pot!

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Have soup for dinner your stomach will flatten fast. Walk a lot.

Eat raw food!!!! Like fruits and vegetables, and of course exercise!!!

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