Whats a good healthy alternative to Chinese food?!

Question: Whats a good healthy alternative to Chinese food?
I am thinking of ordering Chinese food tonight but I know I can't eat it. I need to lose weight. At least 50 pounds and my doctor has said to start some sort of diet but what can I eat that tastes good and is healthy? I can't help but to eat chinese food from time to time. Any ideas on what a healthy alternative would be?

I am like a little kid. You couldn't get me to eat vegetables no matter how pretty you organize them on a plate. I am trying to eat more salads but it seems bland and boring and tasteless sometimes. Any ideas?




You dont need to order it, make it yourself. Buying better ingredients such as brown rice and not having all the added fat in curries isn't so bad you will also find it tastes better and it's more productive.

But if u cba eat a sandwhich.

A grade in positive lifestyle choices

you could make a stir fry with meat and vegies and add what flavouring you like (sweet chili, satay, ect) it's a lot healthier. :)

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