Whats ur yummy junk food snack?!

Question: Whats ur yummy junk food snack?

choc chip cookies
Tomato chips Lays
chocolate granola bar
cheez it
kit kat
3 musketeer
sour skittles

now i feel like a fat a$$

Zingers are awsome I could eat a ton in one week and never get tired of them. Hard pretzels dipped in hard cheese the kind you spread on crackers. Nachos are always good you can make them a zillion ways.

Oreo milkshake
Chocolate brownie
Diam cake
White chocolate muffin
Chocolate cookie
Ben & Jerrys
French fries
Hot dog
Cheese puffs
Pick N Mix!!

where do I start?!! anything with chocolate, most cakes, biscuits, crisps, cheezles, ice cream, nutella. I could go on and on and on!!! lol :)

My own creation: chocolate milk with whipped cream!!!!!! SOooo good! I live for my special chocolate milk!

I can never go a day without eating sour cream and onion chips! Love them!!!


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