Is it bad if you eat meat on friday (lent)?!

Question: Is it bad if you eat meat on friday (lent)?
Hi. So it was friday and they were giving beef patty's but I totally forgot we weren't supposed to eat meat on that friday so I ate it. Then on this other friday I was to hungry and if I didn't eat I would faint. So is that bad because i'm scared if jesus christ wouldn't forgive me. Oh and also I gave up soda for lent but my stomach was hurting too much so my mom gave my seltzer water (bubbley water) and I drank it. Is that bad will jesus forgive me. Thanks :)


Of course He will forgive you!! :) <3

We all make mistakes; no one is perfect!

Only if you are Catholic. Not all Christians believe in this... I don't.

And remember, Jesus is the most forgiving soul of all of us remember? I mean isn't that why he was brought to us in the first place? Look, I think Jesus has his work cut out for him with all the crime and wars and drugs and bad things that are going on in the world. I really don't think he's going to punish you for eating meat on Friday... especially since you are so remorseful for it.


I tried to do that at least this year but kind of was difficult to make it happen on friday. So i do veg one day a week. Only 4 a few weeks thank God.
And if you think missing some obligations will anger Jesus, then we all r gonna meet up in hell. Lol.
But seriously try to keep up with what u promise or dnt promise at all.

It isn't bad for you physicality, it is just between you and your beliefs. I don't think Jesus will be too worried.
A huge % of Christians don't even observe Lent, of the no meat Friday Fast

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