What type of meat do you prefer?!

Question: What type of meat do you prefer?

Lamb chops, they're gorgeous.!

i like chicken the most,
i like chicken stir frys, satay chicken,
cooked whole chickens, chicken kiev
i really like seafood, all types
i also like to have a steak if im in the mood,
i like spagetti bolognaise,
l liike steak sandwhiches
i like ham and bread

Chicken, for several reasons-
It's generally cheap
It can be served in several different ways
It's healthy if served right

I really like a herb encrusted rack of lamb medium rare with a sweet mustard sabayon. Sounds weird but it is amazing.

Well prepared, fresh, moist and tasty... Lamb, Boast Beef, Bacon, Chicken, Turkey when they are done well....they all have the potential to be great.

..................the alive kind of.....

don't get me wrong.... I mean cats that meow, dogs that bark, birds that fly etc.....
Stop thinking dirty! lol

Chickeeen !! ;-)

bacon !!! yummy

anything that was once alive :)

Thick Rib-Eye Steaks

tofu! :) but chicken is yummy too



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