What's your favorite meat for a sandwich?!

Question: What's your favorite meat for a sandwich?
Mine has to be wafer thin ham, layers and layers of it with mustard!!! :) i also like spicy chicken you?


Raw salmon and Tuna! Salmon can go with anything in a sandwich from fruits to herbs and spices! It has such a distinctive neutral flavour that will always stand out among other ingredients ofcourse without an overpowered flavor. Tuna is almost the same but it goes well on its own with some onions and garlic! FISH FTW!

I love Bologna with cheese and mustard with Nacho cheese Doritos in the sandwich or flaming hot Cheetos.

Hot pastrami with mustard, especially from Kat's Deli, NYC.



Cajun Turkey by Sara Lee...If you like spicy chicken you would like this!

Meat is murder. I like fake turkey

Chorizo and Cheese with a little mayo

honey ham. YUM

hmmm honey ham and cheese


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