I love jello, do you love jello?!

Question: I love jello, do you love jello?
and what is your dream jello flavour? and what is your favourite jello dream?


I love Jello. My favorite flavors are strawberry, orange, and cherry. I would love a combo of all three,plus pomegranate and passionfruit. I'd call it a hurricane.

I love Jello!!.... My dream flavor is, Strawberry Daiquiri flavor... Havent really had a dream about Jello. Hahahaha Great question though I'll have to think about that 1..

i also like raspberry sugar-free jello. that club soda thing sounds interesting! haha

i like other sugar-free flavors as well though like strawberry and acai berry

I like jello shooters. Otherwise, it's kind of a waste (empty calories).

I love sugar-free raspberry jello made with club soda. The bubbles are fun!



I like it. I don't love it..

hell ya

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