where do these foods come from?!

Question: Where do these foods come from?
i have to know for an AP project the current source of the following foods
it said to go to store and ask but they were very confused when i asked where these are from




strawberries- california
grapes- New Hampshire
Peanuts- georgia
carrots- new england
beans- brazil
Oats-new england
oranges- florida
almonds- new england

What do you mean by "Where do these foods come from?" For instance California certainly grows all those items - BUT - they are not indigenous either to the region nor to the peoples who originally lived here.


Are you asking about where did the grocery store procure the specific grapes, strawberries, etc. that they have on sale? In this case, stores are required to display what country the produce is from.

usually strawberry and grapes will be marked with "product of......", oranges generally come from florida...at least they do here on the east coast ...but i don't know about the others-I'm having the same issue with milk and frozen veggies! maybe the point of the assignment was about not being able to pinpoint where your food is coming from.....that is kind of scary...


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