do you like eating broccoli?!

Question: Do you like eating broccoli?
do you like broccoli? it is like my favorite thing in the world! i eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner! i mean i just love it so much!! hahahahhahahhaahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…


Yes, I Love Broccoli....I like it raw and in salads. Its one of my fave lie.

Foods that are prepared wonderfully I like. That includes broccoli. I like it raw, cooked on the hard side and if overcooked it can be as a stew or in soup. I don't like broccoli enough to think it's my main course for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Why not cover it in chocolate and have it for dessert too?

If you like broccoli so much you might put a cook book together so we can see all the ways you deal with broccoli. If you are limited because you only eat it one way, expand your broccoli horizons. Doesn't broccoli look like a little tree?

I honestly cant eat broccoli without some cheese on it! Haha thats is a really good thing that you like broccoli! Its super healthy for you so comgratulations:) haha lolz

I like broccoli with cheese:)

yes i like broccoli that is raw with light ranch dressing, or broccoli cooked/steamed.

Broccoli is okay. Though I am not obsessive over it.

Broccoli is delicious~! It tastes best with cheese.

I do especially with Butter & Melted cheese.

I love pasta with broccoli, garlic and spiecey peppers-

I am not a big fan of vegtables but broccoli is my absolute favorite!

No. It tastes weird.

hahaha! you are so funny! hahahaha! broccoli is gross.

my personal opinion

chinese broccoli is the best

yes I love IT STEAMED or i also put it in macaroni and cheese..SO good!

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