how do you know where your food comes from?!

Question: How do you know where your food comes from?
for instance--I drink smart balance milk...the distributor is in does that probably mean the dairies are in NJ? or at least the northeast? I have green giant frozen veggies....distributor in minnesota? are the veggies themselves from there--or at least the same region? tx for any info!


The location of the distributor often has little to do with where the raw ingredients came from. For one thing, the address listed is the corporate office which isn't always the same location as the processing plant that packaged the item for shipping to stores and certainly won't be the same location as the farms that produced the milk (or vegetables or whatever.)

You can assume that for things like milk or produce, the farms will be pretty close to the processing plants where they will package (and freeze) the food for shipping to the stores.

While food labeling laws are getting better about making companies state where certain items came from, right now they only have to state the country of origin and even then, only for fresh produce or meat. Milk doesn't fall into this category, nor do the frozen veggies. So it's quite possible the vegetables were grown in S. America, then frozen before being shipped and distributed into the US. So long as the distribution company is located in the US, the company can actually claim the veggies are "a product of the USA" No that doesn't seem right to me either, and the has been under attack for a long time.


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