Does anyone agree with this?!

Question: Does anyone agree with this?
That the spring colored oreos taste WAY better than the regular oreos? (I will only eat the spring ones)

And that the character mac and cheese taste better than the regular kind?


Yeah, I've noticed that! It's weird because they're supposedly the same, just with food coloring added.
And YES, character mac and cheese ALWAYS taste better than regular. My favorite shape is Scooby-Doo!

Ohmygod. I thought I was going crazy. I totally agree.

Personally I think that the spring oreos taste better because they put more stuffing in it. I think they also add more sugar to the stuffing.

And I love character mac & cheese, especially the Blue's Clues stuff [which they don't sell anymore :(] but they must put more cheese in the packets. It seems like it is cheesier and creamier.

Hope this helps(:

Definitely. Especially the macaroni.

Yea, they are pretty good!
Maybe its the texture difference or something.


yea they're better than the chocolate ones

yes, i think the spring colored oreos taste way better!!!!!!

yes to both

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