What's the diff btw organic, natural and normal foods plus....?!

Question: What's the diff btw organic, natural and normal foods plus....?
1) What is the difference between organic foods versus 100% natural foods?

2) What's the difference btw organic & natural foods versus normal foods from any grocery store anywhere?

3) Why is organic foods (fruits, veggies, drinks, etc) better for the body then any other foods on earth?


1: Organic is being grown without pesticides and growth hormones, etc. Natural means nothing, since the FDA's definition of the word was changed. Natural use to mean "as nature made it", but not anymore...it just means it tastes like nature...still; too subjective.
2:see above.
3: Organic is better because otherwise, you're eating pesticides; growth hormones; and genetically-engineered produce which have an unknown effect on our bodies. With organic, you eat fruit, you eat fruit...not franken-fruit some scientist dreamed up.

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