Is this a healthy diet?!

Question: Is this a healthy diet?
I'm 15, 115 pounds and 5'3. For breakfast I eat fruit salad (usually banana and an apple) with a handful of nuts and a glass of orange juice or a glass of water. For lunch I eat a whole grain tortilla wrap with a lean meat (chicken breast, turkey) with berries and a bottle of water. For an afters school snack I might have some crackers and cheese or a piece of whole grain bread with cheese and a glass of water. For dinner my mom usually bakes or slow roasts some lean meats with dark green veggies and salad. And a glass of milk.After wards I might have a glass of hot chocolate or some fruit. Is this too much?


Get rid of the cow's milk and up the fresh veggies and little more and you'll be fine. If you want orange juice, ,drink real (fresh) orange juice, not that pasteurized to death, pseudo-artificial orange juice that comes in a carton

Actually that's really good, I mean the food not bad for you, you're not having too much, and you're not eating too often. It's pretty much perfect.

That's just dandy, more kids should be as conscientious as you are in watching their diet and caring about the food they injest, awesome.

That actually sounds pretty healthy. That makes me feel very unhealthy though, hahaha.

Yes, it is healthy..

Very healthy. No, it's not too much.

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