Why do they have to put so much salt in restaurant and processed foods?!

Question: Why do they have to put so much salt in restaurant and processed foods?
They're just trying to kill us all or what?


They use it to make up for Chef's mistakes and poor skills, the use of poor quality food, and to prolong the shelf life cause they are too cheap to make new product per order bases. A high quality place uses minimal amounts cause the food speaks for its self.

Because they need to hide the fact that the food they're serving/selling is really crap and the best way to dress up crappy food is with loads of flavorings (like salt).
That and most people have killed their taste buds with so much salt over the years that a reasonable amount doesn't do it anymore.
ETA: Most CHAIN restaurants anyway. There are a lot of great restaurants out there that don't load their food down with salt.

culinary school, worked as an assistant sous chef in an upscale resort.

Salt enhances flavor and is a preservative.

Cause salt makes everything AMAZING. But not too much then I cry. lmao

For taste..

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