What Does This Expiration Date Mean?!

Question: What Does This Expiration Date Mean?
It Says: 2MAR0213S 18:03


I think it's referring to March 2, 2013.

Of course it could ALSO be the manufacturing batch number.

Anyways, so long as dry milk is stored in a cool dark place, it doesn't go bad. Ever.

It depends on when you brought it. If it's recently then it'll be until 2013. Most of our long life foods lasts until that long at work at the moment. Have you tried smelling it? Seeing as some supermarkets forget to take it off the shelves/reduce them.. I suggest querying it with the supermarket or even complaining in case it is off?

I might call the store where you purchased the milk and ask them what the code means. Then go from there. If that doesn't help, you could contact the manufacturer to find out the code meaning. Good luck.

Mama say

it probably means 2013. maybea misprint. 2 march 2013

2nd March 2002?
I guess 13S is irrelevant since there hasnt been a year ending in 13 for.. a long time.

March 2, 2002

March 2, 2002

Misprint; Unless it smells very bad. 2013 most likely. Have you kept it in the fridge?

I think it good til 2013 in mar 02 of that year?

i think it already pasted dont eat it

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