what foods does italy grow the most?!

Question: What foods does italy grow the most?
i just need it for an essay that im writing on Italy. can you help?


Tomatoes, grapes, olives, wine and olive oil.

Me!! I'm Italian!!

Devo, I couldn't tell you about up north, but in the south, there are olive groves, wheat fields, vineyards for table grapes and wines. Then they grow the normal vegetables for home consumption and market like tomatoes, lettuce, melons, legumes, they also have orchards for apples, oranges and alike, peaches and plums, that's what I saw. So now you can go to town on your essay.

The Top Five includes:

1. Wine Grapes (third largest in the world behind France and Spain)
2. Tomatoes (Italy is among the world's leaders in tomato production and 1st in Europe)
3. Sugar Beets (As a sweetening source)
4. Olives (one of the Italy's oldest industries and olives fuel Italy's olive oil production)
5. Citrus Fruits (in the Top 10 of oranges producers)

See the source for more information

Hope this help


Grapes, tomatoes, wheat, rice (Italy is the largest rice producer in Europe), kiwi (you may be shocked to know Italy is the world first producer of kiwi, New Zealand is second), olives, oranges, lemons, apples.

I live in Italy

Tomatoes, olives, lemons, basil


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