What Should I Eat..,?!

Question: What Should I Eat..,?
Well, my mom left to the store & I have to call her to say what I want to eat. She is making food I don't eat & she said she will get something so I can eat.

I am thinking of those pizzas in the oven. But I don't know what I want? What should I eat/make? I know it's a dumb question but I can't make a decision? Thanks! (:


Frozen pizza?!? Yeah, I eat them now and then, but why not have your mom buy a pizza mix (they have them near the spaghetti) and other ingredients so you and her can make pizza together?

Choose something your mom can show you how to cook. It could be anything. Pancakes...grilled cheese...meatballs... It could even be something neither of you know how to cook so you can learn together. I guarantee you'll get much more than just a better tasting meal.


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