What can I bring to school for lunch?!

Question: What can I bring to school for lunch?
What can I bring to school for lunch?
I tried packing a sandwich for lunch once but it got soggy in my locker because its really hot at my school and the lunches at school are just gross so I don't want to eat those. (hot dogs,pizza,bagels,chips) I also tried putting one of those ice packs in my lunch bag but it melted..so what do you think I should bring?


first off you should get a lunch bag that stays cold! Go to a sports store for this.
Hear are some good lunch ideas.

-Chicken breast
-Salad with toppings like dressing, almonds, croutons, dried berries. ect.
-juice's, water,
-apples with peanut butter
-you can bring something microwavable if you have a microwave you can use at school im sure a teacher can let you use one in the lounge. so then you can bring soup, or anything else you like!

I would say bring anything really that you like to eat!

First of all, give consideration about the environment of local. Now days, we should take the foods items as per seasons. Other important thing is that we have to see the economic status of the families as well. You can bring fruits according to the seasons, home made breads, greenery vegetables, Salads etc.to school for lunch. It makes your body fit and make balance according to the climate also.

Continue to make sandwiches, but think of less moist fillings. I have for years and have made very few soggy sandwiches If you remove the seeds from tomatoes you will find are not too soggy but use some cold meats, cheese, lettuce (patted dry)chopped boiled egg.

Spread your bread with butter, and pack some foods to eat at the same time like whole tomatoes, good sized chunks of cucumber peeled or onpeeled andde-seededd,

Peanut butter sandwich.
Peanut butter and crackers.
Granola bars.
Fruit cup.

what about using a thermos and putting soup or noodles in it? that's what i do

I like Spanish rice burritos with a little cheese

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