Food. What is your fave....?!

Question: Food. What is your fave....?
What is your fave:
-Thing to eat inside a pie
-Flavour cake
-Chocolate bar
-Flavour milk.

Mine is:
-Apple pie :D
-Chocolate fudge cake
-Chocolate weetabix!
-Cadbury twirl
-I like strawberry milk. The thick kind.


fruit; grapes
vegetable; broccoli
thing to eat inside a pie; steak and ale
cake; carrot cake with soft cheese icing
cereal; porridge
chocolate bar; wispa
flavour milk; chocolate

Fruit: This is really hard, but I'd have to say raspberries!
Vegetable: Corn! I like it fresh and canned(:
Thing to eat inside a pie: Apples. My grandma makes the BEST apple pie!
Flavor of cake: Either carrot or red velvet. They're both amazing <3
Cereal: Special K with strawberries. Really good and also really healthy!
Chocolate Bar: Twix. I love the combination of caramel and chocolate(:
Flavor of milk: Plain skim milk. I don't really like flavored milk...

- Green Apple
- Orange Pepper
- Chicken & Broccoli
- Raspberry Jam Sponge
- Granola
- Galaxy (yum!)
- Regular full-fat milk

--turnip greens
--chocolate pie < ;
--angel food
--chocolate cereal w/ marshmellows
--kit kat
--strawberry milk

-Fruit: orange
-Vegetable: cauliflowe (fried)
-Thing to eat inside a pie chicken
-Flavour cake chocolate lava cake
-Cereal kellog's chocos
-Chocolate bar aero
-Flavour milk. chocolate

chocolate fudge cake, i like.

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