What does ALL NATURAL food mean?!

Question: What does ALL NATURAL food mean?
What exactly is an all natural food?


It could mean a lot of things. Cane sugar is natural, butter is natural. All Natural food does not mean healthy. The FDA allows many companies to put unhealthy amounts of "natural" food in what they market.
Example: people that are allergic to chocolate, are actually allergic to the roach feces in it. FDA allows a certain amount. In peanut butter too. I was shocked also.
Guess what, it is natural.

Nutrition 101, and my friends allergist.

All natural is usually the term used for foods that contain no artifical flavours, colourings or preservatives so it is in it's natural state. It may be dried, frozen or cooked in some form but nothing artifical or chemical will be added to it.

It means it's made from natural ingredients and without chemical and other preservatives. Chemicals can be toxic to your body causing all types of illnesses. That's why some believe natural is better over all.

No preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavoring, sugar substitutes, etc.

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