Can coeliacs eat Tapioca Flour?!

Question: Can coeliacs eat Tapioca Flour?
Okay, so my friend is a Coeliac - Gluten, wheat, barley, maize, rye etc intolerance.

I was just wondering if she can eat Tapioca flour? She gets magazines about Coeliac disease, which say she can't, but others say she can, and the internet does, too (I know it's not trust worthy, though) so I was just wondering if any of you have any experiences with coeliacs & Tapioca flour? Right now, she doesn't eat it because she trusts the magazine she gets more than others (better to be safe than sorry).

Thanks for your time x


Tapioca is fine along with potato flour, spelt, quinoa, millet and arrowroot, Tapioca is made from the Cassava plant or Yucca in the Caribbean areas, it is a root.

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