What's the diff btw organic & natural?!

Question: What's the diff btw organic & natural?
What's the difference in the way food is made in terms of organic and all natural?


In the USA, organic is legally defined by the USDA where the food is grown with no man-made fertilizers, sprayed with pesticides and no genetically modified seed stock.

Natural is a marketing term used by companies and have to real meaning. It's used to attract customers to buying a product... which btw may be made from non-organically grown foods.

organic means that the food is made with no synthetic pesticides (man made crap) or growth hormones/chemicals in the process of growth/manufacturing

natural means that its not man made, its "natural" taken from animals/fruits/veggies, not like a man made cheese powder. natural however does not mean that it doesnt have pesticides, etc.

just wrote a research paper on it!

Your question says "What's the difference by the way organic and natural". BTW means " by the way".

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