recipies so easy its ridiculouse?!

Question: Recipies so easy its ridiculouse?
I need a key lime pie recipe with home made crust recipe and maybe a nice romantic dinner recipe (for my parents romantic dinner for me key lime pie ive never had it ) videos would be nice thank you


When I have the time I'll be sure to make you videos of me making an entree and key lime pie. Have a back up plan just in case this doesn't work.

We buy our key lime pies frozen at the grocery store. Ask a clerk where to find them. You can eat them frozen or defrosted. Both are delicious. Follow direction on the box.

There are wonderful frozen dinners for two that come in bags. You can buy foods from several different countries such as Asia, Italy, Chinese, American, and the list goes on and on. Heat/cook in the microwave. Add frozen or canned vegetables, maybe a salad, or sliced tomatoes on a lettuce leave for side dishes.

You can also buy pre-cooked meats that are found in the refrigeration section such as:
Pot roast with gravy;
Baked ham;
Baked chicken;
Pork chops;
Meat loaf;
These are delicious too. We buy them often. Just pop into the microwave for a few minutes. Directions are on the containers. Ask a clerk where to find them.

Just order chinese and tell them you made it. lol

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