What is your favorite flavored Ice Cream?!

Question: What is your favorite flavored Ice Cream?
I love banana split and cookie and cream and mint chocolate.The one i cant stand is pistachios omg ewww lol but that is just me


cookies n cream & butter pecan

Hm... probably cookies n cream that and Mocha almond fudge! Ive heard Rum Rasin is pretty nasty so i am interested in trying it to see if its as disgusting as ive heard. My least favorite is probably mint chip, it gives me headaches XP

I like chocolate flavors of ice cream, it tastes good, when you eat of time, always have seed happy feeling.

Omg I have pistachio icecream in my freezer right now. It's one of my favorites! LOL

I adore Haagen Dazs' Raspberry and Meringue ice cream.. Absolutely wonderful.

Chocolate peanut butter..


I have plenty but Cookie's & Creme is at the top of the list

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