What's your favourite food on holiday?!

Question: What's your favourite food on holiday?
I love having cheese and ham toasties by the pool, ice cream and grilled fresh fish :) also love authentic foods that are the countrys speciality such as paella from spain and stifado stew in greece :)
how about you?! x


I like to eat whatever the national dishes of the place I am visiting are and also the local (cold) beer while sunbathing.

It really does depend where I am, I normally try new things more on holiday, but I love Ice cream everywhere!
I often go to Northern Cyprus and they have really good food, and drinks, there's a drin named yedigun whih is fizzy mandarin which is so nice and there's a sausage meat called hindi salam which is amazing :D

In the fall, I love sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie. In the winter, I love hot cocoa, peppermint bark and chocolate covered oreos. In the spring, I love "Peeps" and cinnamon rolls. In the summer, I LOVE ice cream. I eat it almost every day!
The foods you like sound good too :)

You can Try this site http://giftchoice.info/124486/fresh-fish GoodLuck :)


Mexican food~! I lovveee chilaquiles, flautas, enchiladas, chile relleno, tostadas, and frijoles!

And the topic creator means 'holiday' as in vacation.

This might sound weird, but I always look forward to this jello salad. It is a raspberry jello layered with cream cheese and pretzels. It is perfectly sweet and salty.

I love nothing more than Barbeques at the pool accompanied by fresh fruit. Especially watermelon.

Turkey, cranberry sauce, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and pie.

Depends on the holiday. Turkey at Thanksgiving and brats on the Fourth of July.

Ceviche fish, shrimp soup, or shrimp toast, but too I love hot dog or hamburguer.

Depends where I am. I think that the country's traditional food is good!

I love trying they're chocolate flavored though... Trying new meals. I don't like sticking to the same thing. :)

Quahaug chowder and Dell's lemonade on Narragansett Beach


Bar b que
spare ribs

popcorn shrimp mixed with gummy bears

crab lobster prawns

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