What to eat for breakfast before a long bus trip?!

Question: What to eat for breakfast before a long bus trip?
I'm going to Washington DC on a field trip starting Tuesday and I was wondering what I should eat for breakfast before I go? I live in Eastern Connecticut so its about a 9 or 10 hour drive from where I am and we leave a 7:30 am. So what foods should I eat and/or avoid before I go?? Thanks (:


oatmeal with milk, peanut butter and banana. it will keep you full for longer and give you energy!!

Or whole meal toast with like peanut butter/butter and cheese.

or go for a cooked - eggs,beans, bacon breakfast... but i think you might get hungry quicker. but if you were to take a few pieces of toast... then you might keep full.

stay away from like cereal and milk... you get hungry quicker from it, and the milk willl make that you need the bathroom often.

try not to drink too much... it means needing hte loo.

and bring snacks with you - trail mix,cereal bar,granola bars,muslie bars,flapjacks,salt sticks, pretzes,fruit,veggies, bagels, oat biscuits, crisps, banana, etc etc

Before you leave home maybe eat a banana and a piece of toast, glass of milk, so you aren't traveling on an empty stomach. Take some snacks along and have something every couple of hours. Fruit, snack bars, nuts, pretzels, trail mix, single serving bottles of juice, etc.

Just eat about anything you would normally eat, unless it is super-sugary. I would also pack some of your favorite snacks and drinks for the ride.

its better to drink light and soup based food rather the heavy one. But i suggest to take the lime with to long bus trip.

Oatmeal, raisins, and milk for breakfast and if you can take some snacks for the trip..


oatmeal keeps you full for a long time

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