What Is The Best Food, Or Snack To Eat?!

Question: What Is The Best Food, Or Snack To Eat?
Any food in the whole entire world, which is best on which everyone likes?


CHIPS! The universal snack food. Think about it, they come in every shape, size, color, flavor, and texture. There is a chip for everyone from vegans to cannibals! Add a complementary dip and you have the best snack.

Kavuni Arisi

It is a special dessert prepared in chettinad area.

Glutinous rice is popularly called kao hnyin in Myanmar (Burma).This kao hnyin has become kavuni in chettinad area of Tamilnadu.


chinese food - duck pancakes/sweet & sour chicken/chicken and cashews/prawn stir fry
Italian - pizza/carbonara/tiramisu/gnocci

and fruit adn veg!!

Love chocolate and cheese puffs aswell!!

I think theres too much yummi food to choose from... i could write a HUGE list!!! (dont judge me... im not fat. )

I don't think there would be a best one to the entire world. There would be millions who would thank you for anything to eat.

For me it would be a nicely cooked piece of tish that has good taste like Blue Cod..

Herbalife shakes and snacks, it tasty.



I like to eat fried cat meat.

I loveeee snacking on nuts. Delicious.

rajma rice

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