Is it okay to eat lettuce after Chocolate cake?!

Question: Is it okay to eat lettuce after Chocolate cake?

It certainly won't do you any harm.
It may ruin the taste though.

What kind of effect are you getting from this cake?

and after you answer that, how do you figure lettuce to be the antidote?

I know by reading it might sound rude, but I'm honestly not trying to be. I am simply curious

With things like tat it is up to you. It's not for us to say if it is right or wrong, you are supposed to be old enough to do your own thinking.

Yeah! It's ok! Nothing will happen to you!

Me! ^_^

Not sure, but hey, tell me what happens if you eat cereal with milk.

No you will die a horrible death

Why wouldnt it be sounds good to me

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