How do i get over the taste of eating out a girl?!

Question: How do i get over the taste of eating out a girl?
My girlfriend has gone down on me plenty of times, but I don't like to do the same to her. She doesn't ask me too, but i would love to return the favor. When I have tried it, she smells terrible. This is only my second serious relationship and my ex never smelled this bad, but still not pleasant. But with this girl, the smell turns me off. Is there anything I/she can do to improve this situation and lose that awful smell and taste?


every girl smells and tastes different. some you'll like some you won't mind and some you'll hate... it's just the way it is. you can get pills at novelty shops and adult toy stores that will make her taste sweeter and smell kind of fruity but they may have other side effects. it also could have something to do with her diet. give her fruits and chocolates and lots of water she'll love it and feel pampered and you'll be alleviating the problem without embarrassing her.

There is sex lube you can get in a bottle that you put on her that is supposed to intensify the feeling plus it comes in different flavors and fragrances. That way it not only makes it taste and smell better but it feels better to her too.

drink cranberry juice before you do.

Take a sexy shower or bath together beforehand. Don't use bubble bath, which can irritate. Light some candles, put some flower petals in the water, and wash her from head to toe. You could also use flavored lube or massage oils, and there are breath strip type things available. Some of them will create a tingling feeling for her as well.

Chances are that she just sweats more than your ex... if this is the case, taking a shower as part of your foreplay will help. If not, it is probably her lifestyle. Smoking can make you smell and taste bad, as can spicy food, coffee, beer, meat and dairy, cruciferous vegetables, garlic/onions, and a few other foods. Her diet is a harder one to approach. It's tough to tactfully say "you taste bad, stop eating cheeseburgers and curry." You should examine your own habits as well. Do you know how you taste? If you smoke, drink coffee, or eat a lot of broccoli, you might taste horrible. Try making changes as a couple so you both have the benefits.

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