Ham-shank or Bacon spareribs for supper..?!

Question: Ham-shank or Bacon spareribs for supper..?

Bacon spareribs there awesome when cooked tenderley yummy lol.!

honestly, i use all three, i buy the big thick bacon with the skin on it, and cut in 1inch cubes.
i buy the smoked ham shanks and put it in with 2 cans of sauerkraut.
first , I take butter and sautee about 3 onions, then cut up the spareribs by each bone, then brown in the onion, then I throw in a onion soup mix, and it becomes really brown.
i add the shanks, sauerkraut , and bacon, and cover and cook on low.
it tastes even better the next day


Ham shank with pease pudding and a crusty roll. *starts drooling*

Capt Midnight, you don't play fair. I like both.

Ham shank.

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