What should I eat today?!

Question: What should I eat today?

Well since you aren't being very specific, I'll compile a list of some of my favorite foods..

- Cake batter ice cream with sprinkles
- Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
- Mint chip ice cream
- Hashbrowns
- Tater tots
- Scrambled eggs (with ketchup)
- Raisin toast (with butter)
- Chocolate chip pancakes
- Baked potato (with sour cream, salt and pepper)
- Mashed potatoes (with salt and pepper)
- Mac & Cheese
- Waffles (with strawberries and whipped cream)
- Pickles
- Ranch Doritoes
- Fritoes
- Special K (with skim milk)
- Apples (with peanut butter or cheese)
- Celery (with peanut butter and raisins)
- Brownies (with chocolate frosting)
- Hot fudge brownie sundae
- Red velvet cake
- Carrot cake
- A BLT (with bacon or soy bacon, lettuce and fresh tomatoes)
- PB&J
- Whole wheat toast (with peanut butter)
- Cheeseburger
- Grilled cheese

Hope this helps!!(:

I would prefer having something from Subway.. that makes me feel happy for having something quick and healthy..

If you are not really health conscious go for a medium sized Pizza, of course with some of your favorite toppings is always interesting..

I'm making buffalo chicken rice for a big plate of scrambled eggs, lunch will probably be leftover Spanish rice and black beans, and it might be chicken fried steak for dinner.

Demon, discovered this Australian bakery in Montreal, having one of their big fat sausage rolls with ketchup.

personally, I like to eat food :)


now why did I say that...

chicken and cheese quesidilla with a side of sour cream and quacamole

Something healthy


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