How long will a large cake stay moist?!

Question: How long will a large cake stay moist?
Im making a 3 tier cake for a friends birthday party. I have to make it today because I work crazy hours the rest of the week, but the party is tuesday. Will the cake keep that long and still taste good? And what is the best way to store it? Should I leave it on the counter, refridgerate, or freeze? Its got buttercream frosting, so I cant just put plastic wrap around it, and I dont have anything big enough to cover it. =(


all your big stores, bake the cakes, then freeze them.
when people order them, then they take them out of the freezer and frost them and decorate them fresh.

worked in a large bakery

you should cover it up really good(with plastic or in a plastic type of thing or something) and then leave it outside that'll keep it moist till tuesday:)

hope it goes well for you:)

Make another cake haha JK
Get a box

Find a box to cover it.

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