Who likes taco bell ?!

Question: Who likes taco bell ?
Who thinks taco bells nachos are good


Nachos. Bel Grande are delicious

Omfg! I do. They are delicous. TacoBell is amazing and it will eventually replace Mcds. I always get, Crunchwrap Supreme, Nachos, a SoftShell Taco, and when they had it, that frito one. Omg. Its so goooood =]

chihuahuas. apparently.


Their Encharitos and Tostadas are good, but they make lousey taco shells.

Taco Bell is freaking amazing.

I like taco bell and I love their nachos. Had one of their shrimp tacos the other night, loved it.

I love Taco Bell. I live right next to one so I go there all the time.

my stomach

I love Taco Bell's Fresco style crunchy tacos! With lots of sauce!

One grande meal, potatoes coins and a Sierra mist never get old for me.

A lot of people. At least the vast majority.

I really like their cheesy fries

i like taco bell :)

Love them!


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