I ate 3 month old miracle whip! Am i going to die!?!

Question: I ate 3 month old miracle whip! Am i going to die!?
Hahaha, i know im not gonna die.

I had about the equivilent of 3 table spoons...i was making california rolls and there were leftovers...:P
anyways, it looked, smelled and tasted fine. Only now (4 hours later) im feeling kinda nauseous and my tummy is making bubbly noises. Then i thought about what i ate today and i thought about the miracle whip, i checked the date and it said January :(

what should i do to make sure i dont get super sick? now that im writing this my stomach is starting to get more sore....

how bad can this get?


Drink plenty of water. Buy more toilet paper.

If it was refrigerated and tasted, smelled fine, then it should be fine. Because it does contain eggs, if not refrigerated properly, you might find yourself with an upset stomach. See above advice. :0)

Pepto Bismo to the rescue it will help ease the stomachache and nausea

It is highly unlikely , but at worse you may need to sit on the throne. I think you would have thrown up by now.
Try to put it out of you mind as the mind can work on your hypochondria

Mayo or Miracle Whip should last forever, well just about! This too will pass!!

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