why is movie theater popcorn so....?!

Question: Why is movie theater popcorn so....?
Ok I cant believe the price for a large popcorn it is 750!!! I can't belive that....

question...Why is it so expensive?????? Don't they make enough money from tickets?? I remember a large was under 5....now a small is over 5!


They make the majority of their money on the concession stands. The ticket price just barely covers stuff and Yes those are plenty expensive.

Popcorn is Dirt cheap but the smell is sooo yummy that you just Have to have some. Then you need an over priced large soda to go with it. And maybe some candy for some sweet to go with that salty. It is ALL over pirced so much but they know you will want to sit and much while you watch the movie so they have you where they want you.

lol @ the person who said obama

They use it to rip you off. The "butter" is a combination of soybean oil, artificial flavoring, beta carotene for color, and preservatives. Mmmm Yummy :D, no not really I always get no extra "butter" when I go to the movies.
On Tuesdays at regal cinemas they offer $2 dollar popcorn (used to be 1 dollar ugg) and you could upgrade it to $3 dollars (now $4) for a large. and it is $5 for a ticket so that is the best day to go.
Don't by there candy either
The kernels they use when they pop, pop large so you get ripped off even more!

Because they make money off of it. The butter isn't real either, it's yellow fat/grease with salt and flavorings. There is nothing special about the quality or the way it's made.
All these movie theaters have been hosing people for years with high ticket prices and overpriced snacks.
I'm glad for those redbox things in the stores and netflix. People can still watch movies without getting fleeced.

Because no matter the price people are still going to buy popcorn from the movies. It's just smart business for the movie concession owners.

Common Sense

they rip you off because they wanna make as much money as possible :/


just to take your money

where do you live??!!

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