What should I eat for breakfast, RIGHT NOW?!

Question: What should I eat for breakfast, RIGHT NOW?

bacon and sausage mixed with gummy bears

make an omlette for yourself! just fry 2 or 3 eggs in a pan and add some ham, onion, pepper, tomato, spinich or other veggies you have in your house to the mixture. At the end, but some cheddar cheese on it and fold it over. serve it with some fruit like strawberries. yummm!

Hope this helps(:

My special creation: Xtra GOOD Choco. Milk with whipped cream

Step 1.) pour whole milk into a glass size of your choosing

Step 2.) add nesquil chocolate powder until satisfied

Step 3.) add a dollop of whipped cream

Step 4.) enjoy!!!!

fast food id say jack in the boxes 2 for 3$ sausage croissants or cereal is cinnamon toast crunch
or made breakfast sunny side up eggs potatoes and tortillas :D

2 hard-boiled eggs

nesquik cereal

bagel with creamcheese

toaster strudle...2 of them...

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