What should I make for breakfast?!

Question: What should I make for breakfast?
I'm 11 so no very fancy and hard to make dishes, I don't want toast i want something more different. Should i make pancakes??


Pancakes sound good! You could add chocolate chips, small candies, blueberries or strawberries to spice them up. You could also make waffles and top them with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Another yummy breakfast would be oatmeal! You can add brown sugar, apple slices, bananas and raisins to make it even more delicious.

Oatmeal. Which you can also add fruit or cinnamon and brown sugar.

Eggs and toast. You can make sunny side up eggs and dip your toast in them. That's always good.

deviled eggs :) im 11 and they are delicious.
they are boiled eggs with spices...
look up the exact recipe

French toast..

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