How to make coffee without coffee maker?!

Question: How to make coffee without coffee maker?
Mr coffee won't work anymore and I needz my coffeez?!? :O


Put some coffee in a coffee filter, fold it up like a teabag.

Staple it together so the coffee can't get out. Tie a knot in a piece of string and staple that to one end.

Put it in a pot of boiling water for a while.


You need to estimate about how much coffee to put in there for the amount of water you have of course

I feel your pain. the heating coil in my pot kept clogging up with mineral deposits due to the hard water in my well. I got tired of tearing it apart to clean the tube, so now I just pour a pot full of water into a pan on the stove, put a filter and coffee in the top, and when the water boils, I just pour it right into the filter and let it run through. Takes about 15 minutes total. Another choice is just dump the coffee in the pot on the stove and let it boil, after it's hot and grounds settled, scoop the coffee off the top.

hi if you have a coffee craft the one the keeps you drink hot or cold ( instulated type) you can make coffee , just boil hot water and place a coffee fliter in a funnel place in side add small amount of coffee and pour water over coffee it will drain into the pot slowly it maybe strong or weak depending on the amount of coffee used
also the have the old stove top kind too

fill up a cup of water.

put it in the mirowave for 2 mins/3mins.

take out, put coffee mix, coffee cream and two packs of euqal in.

stir around

there you go

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