What's your favourite aisle in the supermarket?!

Question: What's your favourite aisle in the supermarket?
Mine is the aisle with all the canned goods...makes me laugh to look at cans saying 'full english breakfast' and 'spam light' LOL sorry i'm just bored, whats your favourite aisle?


Bread/Cake aisle. The smell is wonderful!

Hello DH,

My favourite aisle at the supermarket is the cheese then it is the biscuits and chocolate a close second.
I am a greedy cow!

The aisle with cake,pudding, frosting and stuf like that. Not sure what its called so im just going to say the bakery aisle.

the chips and candy aisle lol its the best!!
or the ice cream aisle

The coffee aisle where they have the grind your own beans and flavored coffees. The smell is SO good...

and fruit and veg(really boring) but its always so busy
then sweets/chocolate

best wishes


Candy aisle
ice cream/frozen deserts
haha i have sweet tooth!


cakes :)


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